A new year, a new talent?

January 26, 2019

I have always been frustrated for not having any outstanding talent. Whenever I look around me, I wonder why there are people with so many talents, who can sing, paint, play musical instruments and many more. I have tried learning how to play the piano and the guitar for 2 years but things didn’t go my way. I have loved drawing since childhood. I even attended summer course for drawing but I still struggled. When I was immature, I used to blame my parents saying that they asked me to focus only on studies and they didn’t encourage me to continue those things. However, when I grew up, I found the answer within me. It is lack of “persistence and courage”.

Like a typical student in Myanmar, I went to school then to tuition and went back home in the evening at 8pm. I studied really hard, memorised the textbooks to achieve good grades throughout my academic years so that I could go to the medical university to become a doctor. When everyone asked what I want to become in the future, I always answered “ Doctor”. That was the typical pathway and I also reminded myself that I had to study hard to lead a good life. That was the reason I gave up my interest and I did not have the courage to try out anything as a hobby. Discouraged thoughts also lingered in my head. “I am not going to be a painter, why am I spending my time for painting instead of studying?” I did not even sing out loud in front of my parents because I remembered the time when I was discussing about a song with my parents and about its composition, melody, lyrics and the thoughts of the songwriter, my parents did not scold me but they said that I wouldn’t be eating regularly if I pursue music. I wasn’t even telling them that I wanted to become a singer or musician. I was simply telling them how I appreciated that song. I was really upset and I decided not to sing in front of them.

After my high school, I studied Diploma of Health Sciences (Nursing) in Singapore with the aim of applying for the medical school in Singapore after graduation. I was sponsored by a hospital, so I had to pay back the service for 3 years. While I was working as a staff nurse at Intensive Care Unit, I learnt a lot and experienced many things. Fortunately, I came to realise that being a doctor or a nurse is not my thing after my 3 year work experience in the hospital. Then the time came to decide what I want to do next and what I want to study for a degree. I thought of studying 3D animation then I realised I did not have any portfolio of my art works and I couldn’t trust myself if I would be able to survive in the world of creation because I have never tried it before. I reflected upon myself thinking I could have just continued drawing and painting in my free time even as a hobby. Then, I would know how good or bad I am in contrast to my current situation and I can’t even evaluate my skills because I didn’t even try them. As regrets always come late, I was not confident to take 3D animation as my degree and I chose to study “Biomedical Science” as the best possible career pathway as a good student that I have always been.

Now, as a biomedical science student in UK, I enjoy my course and I find all modules are interesting. I have assured myself that I am going to be a biomedical scientist after graduation. However, I still have the regrets that I did not try singing or drawing before even just for fun because I was not brave enough to continue doing things that I enjoyed even for a few minutes a day, I now regret that I don’t have any special talent except studies. If I were persistent enough to draw even a few times a week when I was young, I would have been good at drawing to a certain standard at least. If I had the courage to do music even as a hobby, I would be able to at least play the piano and sing. I would have been able to claim drawing and singing are my talent even though I don’t choose them as my career. I am determined not to repeat this mistake again at this age where I can decide on my own. I am interested in languages especially Chinese and Korean and I have a new dream of being able to speak at least 3 languages fluently. As I have always been good at studying ( sorry for boasting about myself! ), I have decided to study Mandarin and Korean up to a certain level where I can proudly say “ Yes, I am good at Chinese and Korean language” later on. I have decided to give just a few minutes to study those languages in my own time from this year onwards as my new year’s resolution. It might take many years but I don’t want to give up halfway and I want to see how far I can go with persistence and courage.

How about the readers? Do you want to improve on a new talent in the new year? It can be anything such as calligraphy writing or learning swimming. There are many talents that we can achieve, that are within our reach, and it does not cost a lot. We only need a few minutes a day, persistence and finally courage to try. Are you ready to set the goal? Good luck and all the best to myself and to you all.



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