5 Reasons Why Excelling Academically is Important

May 30, 2018


Young people nowadays usually have a misconception that getting straight As or being a top-notch student in the class does not prepare for their careers. This is not necessarily true. Although a good GPA doesn’t tell the whole story, academic excellence may be an asset for the future plans that you have been mapping out.


When we try to evaluate education, we base our judgement on a mere scroll of paper that has your name and the subject you did in college. When we do not secure a proper job later on, we make disturbing attempts to blame that degree paper but we usually miss out on the fact that an opportunity isn’t meant for everyone. We make rush decisions that a degree is useless but we overlook how education has been shaping us through various means whether or not the degree that education grants guarantees us a job.



Even though how you perform in a conventional classroom may not define who you are now and who you will be in the future, it will build in you a solid identity of a human being. It is reasonable to believe that education is not the only thing that counts toward your potential success in the future but education, irrefutably, is a significant platform where people can imagine better changes and actually implement them for the sake of a better world.


(1) A Good Academic Status is a Key to the Further Opportunities


A good grade does not guarantee a job you may want to land after graduation but it can happen to be a prerequisite for further opportunities. For instance, an excellent grade from the high school is what the top-tier universities demand to get you admitted into their stellar class with fierce competition. A good GPA from an undergraduate class, in turn, can please the admissions officers from graduate schools and advanced degree programs. So, why does the admission to a good university matter that much? Employers usually may not want to see people who work for them from a school with low reputation. So, good grades are basically a loop that build up chain reactions that indeed have an impact to your career prospects to some extent.


(2) Tests Are Not Everything About Grades


The tests expect you to achieve more than an A. Most of the time, we assume that tests only examine what we remember from a lecture. As a matter of fact, tests also examine to what extent you are intellectually curious. Tests often require you  to be analytical or sometimes creative depending on the nature of the subject being tested. Tests on subjects like mathematics and physics want to see how you can make use of postulations, formulas and principles to make logical conclusions. Tests on language and arts subjects want you to explore beyond imagination and execute the initiatives. More often than not, tests seem to be only asking you to write down what you recall from your class but good graders are well aware that their achievements are not limited to their ability to absorb things efficiently.


(3) Academic Excellence can be a Talent too !


Very rarely does academic excellence get recognised as a form of talent. A stellar score does  not involve crafting a masterpiece, owning a beautiful voice or earning gold medals in athletic competitions. But when you achieve good grades, it  is pretty certain that you did a lot more than just ‘remember the lecture’ and ‘write it down’; you must have had some study techniques that work well. You must have been certainly enthusiastic toward being able to respond correctly to what is being asked on your exam paper. If you are in the top of the class, you are probably doing better than over 90 percent of your classmates. So this kind of advancement beyond what your peers can manage is a talent that you deserve to embody.


(4) Your Academic Achievements are Rewarding


When you get a good grade, you earn yourself a recognition. Teachers recognise you for being an iconic student. Your peers recognise you being someone to rely on when they’re stuck with their studies. Your parents recognise you for being an exemplary child. Overall, you are a positive energy in your social circle simply because you are actually into what you should be focusing on at your age. Last but not least, stage presences, grand medals, good-looking certificates, scholarships and the chance of being a valedictorian are all yours if your academic achievements are actually significant.


(5) We are not all “Harvard” Dropouts


It is usually disturbing to hear how some people usually point out to Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg as the iconic leaders of the world who have not attained a formal college degree upon their pioneering breakthroughs. But we do need to be aware that these people have been masterminds who know what they have been doing even before they start their college. They dropped out of their respective colleges not because they did not fit in or they got disorientated but because they did not like the idea of dedicating their time to listen to instructions while they already knew how to do what they always wanted to do. Some of us may be like Gates or any of such acute personalities but not all of us are meant to excel in what we do without prior excellence in our classroom. Doing well in a classroom or a test may not secure immediate expertise in a field but it is a stepping stone toward the kind of expertise that we wish to possess in the future. In a way, when you do well in a classroom, you can feel assured that at least, you are engaging in the materials that you want to make use of to make a living in the future.


Final Verdicts


Whether or not to academically excel can be an option for most of the students these days. Students may choose to be an extracurricular star but to be a good student with proper grades can still be something that’s worth pursuing. Good grades are not what employers may ask you for getting you employed or something mandatory to become a trailblazing entrepreneur but they can lead to a handful more opportunities in life and indispensable takeaways if you know how to take them.


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