How to enhance your English proficiency in a self-study manner

May 11, 2018

As English language is adopted as an international language and is indispensable in communication, we are usually urged to acquire this second language as if it’s a MUST to do. With the vast range of English learning courses available in town, the possibility of having a good command of English language is highly likely for today’s learners. On the very other hand, there are those people with no ease to fetch these courses on account of time-constraint and some factors. OR there perhaps might be those who don’t want to spend much time in joining courses and commuting-hours. Anywise, we’ve hereby investigated these easy ways to follow in order to promote your English proficiency.


1. Listen to English songs

We, no doubt, love listening to music and listening to the English songs will help you to some extent. In the very first place, it might be really challenging for you to catch up the songs as it is not accustomed to you. In this case, you can try some apps – online or offline - available on screen providing the updated songs with lyrics collectively (JOOX and Spotify apps perhaps might be a useful help to you as you can look for the songs trending worldwide). In this case, listening to the EDM songs might not be a good choice and instead of it, picking up the acoustic songs is likely to meet your expectation. It’s a fun way to kick off your self-study and you will find yourself in progress with listening skill by doing so. So, all you need to do is give it a try and you will love it.


2. Read more

Reading usually doesn’t bring joyness to the majority as most of the time, the books we read contain the unfamiliar words not easy to understand and demand more than a few hours. Anyhow, light-reading is a good way to start since it doesn’t take you long and it’s also up to your choice of what you are going to read: starting with at most 200-pages-books would be apt for you as you don’t need to go through for long hours (Oxford reader books published from level 1 to 6 accordingly would collect this credit as you can read for working on your reading and writing skills simultaneously). Some books will give you  passion throughout the read and it can also be a pleasure-reading. Make this as a habitual activity and later, you can try reading the novels and heavy-liftings.


3. Watch movies

Watching movies as well as listening to music makes us happy and feeds the emotion – strong or soft – which can also be applied to learn English language subconsciously. There’s a subconscious way of learning in everything we do and concerning this, watching English movies will definitely help you to promote your English proficiency. Basically, what you should know here is that watching movies alone can’t help you massively as it is really hard to catch up the dialogues and you might even end up with no idea at all. To avoid so, one is suggested to watch the movies with English subtitles and taking a note should be carried out. It will greatly help you to expose more vocabularies and apply some dialogues in real life.


4. Use the social medias prosperously

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of benefits that we can use as an advantage on the digital platforms. In spite of using Google to look for the things, Facebook, a social media, offers more than what we used to know. International news, pages of activity and almost everything on Facebook are available in English. Reading articles online will save the money to buy the newspapers and is a good way to flourish your writing and reading skills altogether. At a time, you can also learn the insight of a specific issue by reading editorial editions online. In addition, there are those public figures on Facebook: Jay Shetty, Nes Daily and more providing you with the short videos for the motivation and lessons for the life. It’s a great deal of useful information and learning tips available on Facebook to help you with the process of learning English language. So, why do we waste it?


Nevertheless, learning a language is not an easy thing to do and it demands a great deal of commitment, a step-by-step approach and keep in touch activity. As you might notice well, it’s a wide range of study and to get proficient in English language, one must be crazy to learn proactively. Moreover, as it stands “Fake it till you make it,” you have to be willing to make mistakes and apply your lessons in your daily activities so that your efforts and commitment will be granted at the end of the day.









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