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When we think about ‘job’, most of the time, what pops up in our mind is a desk stacked with documents and a fully furnished office where we spend eight hours of our days, spending most of our times commuting to and from the workplace, or a couple hundred of other visuals that convince you that securing a job is a demanding phase of life where life becomes monotonous.

But there is a lot more to the concept of ‘landing a job’ than we can ever imagine. These days, making money becomes a process accessible to almost everyone and everywhere given that you have basic business understanding, certain industrial competencies and most importantly, commitment and consistency.

Here below, we’ll be assessing four different online or remote business options packed with various opportunities of a handsome income and worthwhile learning points. But each job option may embody certain challenges depending on the profile of the person willing to get into that job. However, as I  mentioned earlier, commitment and consistency will do the rest of the magic if you already have passion and relevant competencies.


1)    Blogging

Blogging is probably the most common category of business that can be run remotely. The basic needs of a blogger may comprise content writing, marketing and photo-editing. But depending on the seniority of the person in the blogging business sector, CSS and HTML skills may also be mandated. Typical bloggers usually have to undertake a lot of procedures and challenges before they can monetize their blog. Additionally, a blogger requires to consolidate a sizeable pool of followers or readers that can be garnered through strong, effective and relatable blogging contents.

There are several ways a blogger can integrate a revenue stream in their blogging platforms. One of the most common ways is ‘advertising’. As the brand of your blog becomes recognized and attains an ample body of readership, advertisers will approach you and offer a pay to let them run advertisements on your blog.

Another way you can wring out money from a blogging business is ‘affiliate marketing’. Here is how affiliate marketing works. You, as  a blogger, link a product for sale on another website or platform in your blogging content through a hyperlink. When a reader reads your blog, he or she may click the link and is led to the site of the sales where he or she may end up buying that product. As a reward, you will enjoy a small percentage or commission for serving as a linkage between the customer and the product.

Both advertising and affiliate marketing are mainstream and potential ways of sourcing income from your blogging business but the number of followers to your blog happens to play an utmost role in making your blog monetizable.


2)    Freelance Content Writing

Both blogging and content writing sound particularly similar given their nature of requiring you to produce high quality contents with a serious impact on the audience. But in content writing, you are expected to conduct a deeper research on what you will be delivering to the readers.

Content writers in corporates and organizations may obligate you to work full time for them but freelance writing can have more flexible options depending upon the setting that you choose to work in. Typically, freelance writers opt for publishing their articles at independent websites and platforms where they are offered a range of earnings. But these content publishing websites usually have a specific set of criteria in order that your contents be published on their channels. Their pay scale may also be subjected to the quality of your work, the way you craft it, the audience impact and the overall production value. Besides, your portfolio may also count in determining the eligibility of your piece to be displayed on their websites.

Content writing is a unique amalgamation of technical knowledge, critical thinking, data analysis, creativity and persuasive writing. Though content writing is a skill that can be turned into a profession, it is not something everybody can master. A considerable time and effort dedicated on reading, thinking and writing is necessitated to embark on the journey of making money through forging supreme contents.


3)    Freelance Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is one of the most versatile capabilities as well as a rather in-demand talent in almost all industries. A graphic designer is employable within all sizes and types of companies and organizations. Graphic design is a needful industrial skill that allows an individual or a group to remain distinct from the rest of the market competitors.

A freelance graphic designer is a person that can work for any person or business unit without having obliged to make a year-long contract. Graphic designers are usually able to make use of several designing tools and softwares, some of the most common ones being ‘Adobe Illustrator’ and ‘Adobe Photoshop’. Additional design tool knowledge may also be sought in graphic designers for the purpose of rendering more advanced designs like product design, film and animation production or character concepts, in which case the ability to use softwares like ‘Cinema 4D’, ‘Clipart Studio’ and ‘Adobe After Effects’ is imperative.

A graphic designer’s pay scale for his or her freelancing service largely rests on the client, the company size, the design type and the reputation of the designer. More often than not, logos, posters and short films are the most commissioned types of designs, and the bargaining on the price for them is usually settled by the designer and the client.


4)    Interpreting

If you are a bilingual or multilingual person with a knack for translating words or lines, you can make money from home through interpreting. Please be aware that the interpreters addressed here are not the liaisons or the intermediaries who convert the speech from one language to another but instead, the kind of interpreters who translate lines from the books or the documents(written text) or the speech from the movies(spoken text).

With the growth of translated books and the traffic of the foreign movies, interpreters are now largely demanded in the industry to carry out the role of making language no longer a barrier to recognize the global culture, art, knowledge and literature. An interpreter, however, largely requires to embody precise and objective translating skills as he or she may have to explore through context to context without losing the implication of the original text.


There are a handful of other remote jobs you can secure in order to add some more value into your credit card or simply to spend your time wisely and fruitfully by doing something you are capable of. This is why perhaps you might want to try out these four job profiles highlighted above, see which one suits you, do some research about potential employers and start making money.


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